This International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we look back on past accomplishments and continue to advocate for equality and equity for women within the gaming community, as well as society more broadly.

This year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion, a subject more relevant now than it’s ever been.  At Sony Interactive Entertainment, we strive to create an environment in the gaming and entertainment industry for women to thrive. Our goals of being stronger together are embodied in our efforts to champion professional development, drive positive change, and create a thriving community for women and all underrepresented people – all while making the PlayStation brand the best place to play for consumers.

Real culture change occurs when employees are empowered to come together, not just as colleagues, but as individuals with common goals and challenges. Creating workplace solidarity is the first step in creating inclusive work environments, where everyone has a sense of belonging because our differences are recognized and valued. That’s why employee networks like the Women@PlayStation eNet at Sony Interactive are so valuable.


Women@PlayStation happens to be Sony Interactive’s longest-running eNet, and it’s a privilege to serve as its Executive Sponsor. Part of that privilege is reflecting on the hard work and dedication of the women who came before me. For all the efforts that I’ve personally been involved with, I know that they were only possible because of the groundwork laid by my peers. 

Their efforts motivate me to continue that work: advancing and empowering women professionals across different industries, which is why I also serve on the board of ChIPs (Chiefs in Intellectual Property), a global nonprofit whose mission is to advance women in tech, law and policy.

As I reflect on Women’s History Month, I think about the women who inspire me—and for another year, I recommit to striving for a future that is more inclusive for all.

Grace Hopper Celebration 2023

Empowering women in the workplace often begins at the grassroots level with providing opportunities and platforms for those just embarking on their careers. The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world’s largest tech conference for women and non-binary individuals, inspired by the legacy of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, who was one of the first women to receive a doctorate degree in mathematics. In 2023, Sony Interactive was on the ground at the event in Orlando, Florida with a booth on the show floor, along with guests like developers from renowned gaming studio Bungie.

Bringing together thousands of students and professionals from across the globe, the Grace Hopper Celebration continues to help cultivate the next generation of women and non-binary technologists.

Safety Awareness Month 2023

When we strive to make Sony Interactive Entertainment a place where women thrive, we think of a place where women can grow – both professionally and personally. We strive for an active community where women can join other members of underrepresented groups to feel seen and heard when they engage with PlayStation’s products and services.

In the spirit of this ongoing effort, Women@PlayStation hosted an initiative in October 2023 to solidify a culture of safety – essential for fostering a foundation for growth and development. All month long, we created awareness for employees to engage with Employee Compliance for candid talks about workplace safety.

One Sony International Women’s Day Panel 2023

For International Women’s Day 2023, the employee-led women’s group, Sony Women in Music (SWIM), co-organized the One Sony panel along with the other employee groups from across the Sony Group including our very own Women@PlayStation. The One Sony event brought together women in leading positions from across Sony Group seeing representatives from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures share the stage on a panel that discussed their individual career paths and the obstacles women encounter in the workplace. Following the success of the event last year, women leaders reconvened in 2024 for a second IWD event to held at Sony Pictures in London that saw Sony Electronics join the group expanding the number of Sony sister companies to five. The IWD theme this year is #inspiringdiversity, and the panel focused on the creative aspects of our industries.

Women’s History Month 2024

In 2024, Sony Interactive Entertainment will further pass initiatives and create new ways to advocate for change. Women@PlayStation will also host a Speaker Session with celebrated disability advocate Tiffany Yu—CEO of Diversability, a WOC & disability-owned advocacy group—in conjunction with ABLE@PlayStation, the accessibility-focused eNET at Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

We will also be hosting a number of events amplifying ways in which diversity has been our strength. Programming for employees includes co-hosted events with our partner eNets: ABLE@PlayStation, Pride@PlayStation, API@PlayStation, Black@PlayStation, UNIDOS@PlayStation, and VETS@PlayStation. In 2024, Women@PlayStation will also be hosting our first annual Day of Action, inviting members at local eNet chapters to gather and give back to local causes supporting women in their communities.

Looking to the Future

To be surrounded by such a talented, dedicated, and passionate group of people is the honor of a lifetime. It is both humbling and empowering to observe this group’s ongoing efforts on advocating for equality in gaming and society. We’ll keep working to inspire inclusion this year and in all years. As far as we’re all concerned, we’re just getting started!