It’s been 3 years since the Sony Group established a $100 million Global Social Justice Fund to support social justice and anti-racist initiatives around the world. As part of that fund, Sony Interactive Entertainment committed more than $11 million in total to advance race equity within the gaming industry and beyond.

Through that commitment, we’ve established strong partnerships with local, national, and global organizations to help change the game in our industry. We created the PlayStation Career Pathways Program to build a pipeline of underrepresented talent and support organizations focused on strengthening educational and career opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities. This fall, we will welcome our first group of students and they will get mentorship access to Sony Interactive and PlayStation Studios employees.  We will be sharing much more about the program, our participants, and our partners in the coming months.

We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this program will provide for Black and Indigenous students from our partners, and we look forward to sharing our industry expertise with them and learning from them as they matriculate through this experience. We remain committed to the mission of the social justice fund and are thrilled to work with these students and our partners to improve equity and create belonging for the gaming industry.

United Negro College Fund, University of Southern California Games, Jackie Robinson Foundation, Gameheads, and the Prince’s Trust are just a few of the incredible partners we’re working with to help bring this program to students, supporting them with scholarships, mentorships, and career readiness programming.

To learn more about the incredible partners supporting our PlayStation Career Pathways Program and to learn more about  Sony Interactive’s Social Justice Fund portfolio, check out this most recent update